At Happy Days International Preschool we have Great Halloween Parties every year and as always all the children had a spectacular time this year too! Children enjoyed doing kids friendly fun craft activities, yummy purple cat cooking class, Fashion show, trick or treating and lots more. In an international environment where children from all around the world come together, it’s great to be able to celebrate and enjoy the fun of Halloween together as one. Check out how much the children enjoyed their Halloween party at Happy Days International Preschool in Tokyo Japan.

At Happy Days Tokyo International Preschool we believe that childhood days should be happy days! That is why our time is filled with exciting learning, new adventures, and exuberant play in an environment that always keeps the child’s needs in mind.

We believe that children are the bridge to the future. Because of this, the curriculum at our Tokyo international preschool is based on the belief that all children are not created equal but rather are individuals who learn, grow and develop according to their own circumstances, environment and the encouragement they receive.

During the 10 years, Happy Days International Preschool had 24 different nationalities. This international environment offers an unprecedented opportunity for your child to learn about other cultures as they increase academic and social skills. Age appropriate curriculum is provided at each level to ensure that children continue to feel successful.

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