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Happy Daysを選ぶ理由は?


10年間で、Happy Days International Preschoolは、24の異なる国籍を受け入れて来ました。この国際的な環境により、子供達は学習技能、社会技能を身に着け、他の文化について学習する今までにない機会を提供します。子供達が成功を実感し続けられるように、年齢に適切なカリキュラムが各レベルに対して提供されます。


  • Happy Days has been a great place for my child to learn and grow. They’re always coming home excited to teach me what they learned during the day – and the field trips are so creative and teach my little learner great life lessons – and have fun in the process!
    Happy Daddy
  • The teachers at Happy Days are well prepared and dedicated to making the classroom an environment where learning is fun, cooperative, and always creative. I’m always amazed at the art work they make – what great things little ones can do at Happy Days.
    Software Development
  • Classrooms are small at Happy Days which is great because I know my child will get the attention they need every day. The teachers come from different backgrounds and make learning so much fun even for the smallest learners!
    Waldo Orlandini
    Marketing Manager
  • I was pleased to find that Happy Days emphasizes learning but does it in a fun way that kids can relate to. I’m always impressed with the teaching that goes on in my son’s classroom. He learns language, literacy, math, and has opportunities each day to explore and be creative. Plus their monthly activities are always the coolest!
    Investment Banking
  • Awesome, thanks for looking out for our kids.
    IT Developer
  • Great staff & great Support for the kids.


YogaArt class! We learned the rainbow pose and did some rainbow art 🙂 Everyone did a great job with the rainbow pose and they loved getting their hands painted all rainbow 🌈 tickle tickle tickle !
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After school YogaArt class! Today we practiced being calm, meditating and focusing in YogaArt class. Our first main pose was the tree pose starting from seed. They did a great job slowly doing the three poses. For art we did marble painting. They focused and slooowly mixed the different colors making a beautiful marble painted paper. Great start 👍 Well done!
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Our after school Japanese class! We are now learning pig, tanuki, fox, and cat song! It's simple and fun! The students love the origami animal flash cards 🙂
放課後クラスの日本語クラスです!こぶた、たぬき、きつね、ねこ。の歌を一生懸命習っているところです(^ ^) 折り紙で作ったの動物カードは子供達のお気に入りです❤︎
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