Our passionate staff are trained in teaching preschool and kindergarten-aged children in a wide variety of formats. They have extensive experience working with children in an international setting and understand how to craft and teach developmentally appropriate activities for children of all ability levels. Our Master teachers come from diverse cultural and teaching backgrounds and receive continual training to stay current in educational best practices.

The curriculum we use is focused on all aspects of learning ranging from physical, emotional and social preparation to linguistic, aesthetic and cognitive development. Each day is filled with exciting activities that incorporate both fun and learning – helping children acquire a global view.
Our teachers work with children in small groups and individually to promote our 5 essential core competencies of:

  • Building critical thinking skills
  • Fostering open communication
  • Developing investigative abilities
  • Encouraging social growth
  • Establishing a diverse, global view of the world

Every teacher at Happy Days International Preschool strives to teach each child the importance of exploration, integrity, and instill in them a lifelong passion for learning.