5 Reasons To Send Your Child To Summer School

5 Reasons To Send Your Child To Summer School

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It’s hard to believe that it’s actually time to start thinking about summer school for your child. Sending your little tot to summer school can be a valuable experience where he or she can learn essential skills that can be called upon later in life. Happy Days Summer School provides a wonderful platform for preschoolers to develop positive behaviors and social skills while at the same time having fun with age appropriate activities.


Happy Days Summer School for preschoolers caters to children as young as 14 months. If you, like most parents, want your little child to excel later in life then summer school is a great option for you. Summer school offers various benefits for preschoolers. Some of the benefits of summer school for preschoolers include the following:

1. Prepare Your Child for School Life

Is your child about to start preschool? Summer school will help make it easy for your child to transition to preschool life. It will help your child become accustomed to a structured day, follow instructions and rules and learn to navigate various social situations with other children. There will be a designated place for him or her to put their lunch box, backpack, shoes and other belongings which will also enhance your childs sense of belonging within their school environment.

2. Prepare Your Child to Become Independent

Summer school will also help your child to become independent. It is the task of summer school teachers to make sure that your child feels safe and entertained while also spending constructive time learning and playing. Later on when your child starts preschool, he or she will have less difficulty in being away from home. Very few children remain upset after they begin participating in summer school since their time is filled with so many fun-filled activities.

3. Develop Essential Social Skills

Another essential benefit of summer school is that it teaches young children to develop essential social skills. This is one of the huge benefits of summer school in that it gives children a chance to hang out with children of a similar age and learn essential social skills that will help them in later stages of life. Your child will encounter new faces and make new friends while also being exposed to social situations that will challenge them to share, be patient and also think of others.

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4. Avoid Trouble with a New Baby
Are you welcoming a new baby? Competition is natural among siblings. The arrival of a new baby will result in your little tot competing for your time and attention. Sending your child to summer school is a great option that will make him or her feel like a big child – with more privileges while also providing them with enough attention to grow and thrive.

5. Give Some Time to Yourself

Finally, sending your child to summer school will give you precious time that you can utilize to refocus your career, home, or life. It will allow you to recharge your batteries and take on the challenges of everyday life with new energy and motivation while your little one is having fun at summer school.

Happy Days International Preschools experienced and qualified teachers have a fantastic Summer School program (July 6th-August 21st) specially designed to provide maximum fun blended with optimal learning opportunities.

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